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Episode 3: HEXBUGS, XPLODERZ and Donkey?!?

Happy Holidays,

Morgan and I reviewed our favorite HEXBUGS and a new and cool blue jelly globule shooting gun called XPLODERZ. Since it is approaching Christmas and the holidays we decided to have some fun and play our favorite Christmas song too.

HEXBUGS: 9.9/10 Super Stars: It’s super cool to watch these vibrating robot bugs actually look like they are crawling. You never know where they are gonna go!!!

XPLODERZ: 10/10 Super Stars: This is a special new toy gun that shoots blue jelly bullets that EXPLODE on contact… especially on my Dads back. You put the tiny jelly seed bullets in water for 20 minutes and they turn into big jelly globule bullets. Loads of gooey fun!!!

We hope you enjoyed watching Episode 3.

Happy Holidays and make sure you practice your Christmas Carols. Dominic the Donkey is our favorite!!!

The Super Toy Brothers,

Michael and Morgan

Episode 2: May the ‘Forest’ be with you

Michael and I reviewed our favorite Star Wars Toys. This episode is a ‘live’ version and off-script for extra fun.

Star Wars Lego: 10/10 Super Stars: Great for building a Star Wars Empire. We featured the x-wing fighter, Turbo Tank and Tie-fighter which are perfect for Star Wars battles!!!

Darth Vader Lego Clock: 8/10 Super Stars: It’s fun to hit Darth Vaders head. The bad news is that sometimes the alarm is not loud enough to wake me up for school. Needs LOUDER Darth Vader breathing.

Millenium Falcon: 10/10 Super Stars: BEST TOY EVER!!!!!  Cool cannons and noises. A must have for your Star Wars toy collection.

Light Sabers: 9/10 Super Stars: Of course they are great for fighting with your brother or sister!

We hope you had fun watching our show.

See you next week when we review our favorite Halloween toys!

May the Forest be with you,

The Super Toy Brothers,

Morgan and Michael


Episode 1, It’s Nerf or Nothing!

Morgan and I reviewed our favorite Nerf guns. Watch out for flying Nerf bullets!!!

Nerf Recon CS-6: 8/10 Super Stars: good gun for a sneak attack but it’s slow…not automatic.

Nerf Barricade RV-10: 9/10 Super Stars: perfect for fast attack. Automatic blasting!!! The bad is that it’s loud and not good for a surprise attack and sometimes loading bullets does not work.

Nerf Vulcan EBF 2S: 9.5/10 Super Stars: oh yeah! The best for super blasting at long range. Fully automatic and POWERFUL. The bad is that it’s heavy and not good when climbing up trees.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks show!

The Super Toy Brothers,

Michael & Morgan